Jumpstart Your Transformation with EFT!


Do you have an issue, pain or other troubling situation that so far is unresponsive to other self-care methods or even professional help and you're really frustrated and wondering what you can do next to get relief? 


Are you brand new to tapping and curious to learn more about it?


Are you already familiar with EFT or Meridian Tapping and wanting to take your experience with it to a whole new level?

Imagine turning your pain, frustration or curiosity into a sense of personal empowerment, new ways of taking care of yourself and freedom from that problem that has been plaguing you for way too long.

The Jumpstart Your Transformation with EFT Package is the ideal way to gain understanding about this thing called tapping, have real experiences of relief and empowerment as you learn how to apply it in your everyday life and gain a new sense of freedom from specific pain or suffering that you have at your fingertips.

Some of the problems that my clients have had success transforming using tapping include:

Chronic Body Pain (hip, back, shoulder, knee) 
Anxiety with driving following an accident
Panic attacks
Angry outbursts
Relationship issues
Fear of Public Speaking
Unresolved childhood events

This could include various levels of trauma from abuse, embarrassment, shocking news, significant loss, painful accidents, etc. Sometimes the "cause" of your distress is buried in the subconscious.

The good news is you can free yourself from the residual pain of it without reliving every detail of the event(s). 

In this package you will receive:

  • Four 60-minute customized one-on-one professional tapping sessions with Nancy to maximize results in the shortest time possible that is comfortable for you.
  • Various techniques to make learning EFT easy and repeatable on your own in a variety of settings.
  • The EFT Shortcut Method handout: a step by step instruction guide for applying EFT to any situation.
  • The Eight Point Emotional Resonance Chart handout to easily identify the underlying emotions that are keeping you stuck. (This tool is one of the most prized pieces in my clients' and students' toolbox.)
  • Article: Symptom or Cause: How Energy Psychology Dissolves the Unconscious Blocks to Health, Happiness and Success, by Nancy Southern, MSW. 

If you found your way to this point, then it's probably time for you to serious consider saying yes to a unique way of healing your mind, body and spirit. Only you know if it's is worth taking a chance on behalf of yourself and get started on the most amazing journey of healing and self-discovery. 

If you have any hesitation at all please sign up for a complimentary, no obligation Ray of Hope Session (on the sidebar of this page). You are free to ask any questions you have to help you decide if the Jumpstart Your Transformation with EFT program is just right for you.



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5 Dynamic Steps

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